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Shop Diamond and Gold Jewelry

Lebanon has a history of diamond jewelry stores, at Jawahiry we bring that history to be rekindled with our most beautiful and attractive gold and diamond jewelry collection.

The Lebanese jewelry has been creating a wave lately. They are amulets that adorn the body. A wide range of textures and designs our online store gives you the best deals at great prices.

Jewelry acts as an inspiration to women of all ages and sizes.

Amulets of Lebanon couture dates back with its ancestors and Phoenicians. Our Gold jewelry store in Lebanon gets you indulged in the very edgy and carefully chiseled out impressions by our artists. Carnelians, Jaspers, White gold, amazonite, pink jade, ruby all these you get at one sure spot. Our core agenda is always to provide you with the newest and the latest proposals. So go ahead and Buy Jewelry in Lebanon as much and as long as you can.

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